My experience copyediting, as well as some copywriting, has been both in the publishing world and in my other employments as a Brand Ambassador and Communication Analyst. As a freelancer, you can see my most recently copyedited and proofread title, Above the Ground, at Wild Blue Press. As a Communication Analyst, writing professional, grammatically correct notes is a part of my everyday life. The types of businesses vary, but all require the same attention to detail in the content of the note as well as its grammar. 

At Ooligan Press, I contributed to proofreads of our titles FROM KNOWLEDGE TO POWER and Court of Venom. These are light, final proofreads for formatting and according to the manuscript’s style sheet. Our press, as a collaborative student run non-profit, uses Google Sheets to track our edits for both copyedits and proofreads. A copyediting-markup example from my latest work is available on request. Examples can be found below.

This proofread is of two chapters of YA fantasy title, Court of Venom, from the manuscript to the interior designed print copy. The project was well copyedited to begin with leaving the majority of the edits to be capitalizations based on the style sheet. As Ooligan assigns the proofreads to multiple staff members, I was able to work with other members of the team to confirm information on the style sheet when I was unsure of the specific rules. 

This proofread was of a chapter of our climate science book, FROM KNOWLEDGE TO POWER. The pages took about two hours to proofread to catch any differences between the manuscript to the interior designed print copy. This experience focused on capitalization of terms, superscripts, and transferring the correct formatting from the style sheet. 

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